Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chobits Review

Written By: CLAMP
Directed By: Morio Asaka
Studio: Madhouse

Story line (S) ******
Family Friendliness (FF) **
Fan service (F) ******
Cultural Hints (CH) ****

The story takes place in a Japan where everyone’s addicted to persocoms instead of their smartphones. Persocoms are expensive androids that can do whatever you program them to do. Ex: cashiers, maids, cooks, etc.

Hideki, a country boy who is attending prep school for college, wants one of these cool robots. Our hero finds a persocom in the trash, which he gladly takes home since he’s too broke to buy one of his own. What he doesn’t know is that there is more to his new persocom than meets the eye.

If you have read or watched previous works made by CLAMP, you will know that anything PG-13 will definitely have some sexy fanservice. And boy do they deliver. >.< I have noticed that the anime is a bit more toned down compared to the magna though. I would not recommend this anime for you more innocent folk unless if you know how to space out during pervy scenes.

There are some examples of Japanese culture in the series. You learn about stuff that’s common in other anime such as bath houses, tiny apartments, etc. You also see how the education system works for ronins.

The PleaseO'Meter

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jenny, a contributor of PLEASE!Anime.

I am making anime reviews once a week. They are very focused on what you can find in an anime rather than whether it was good or not. This is to help you readers find anime based on certain characteristics.

  • Story line (S)
  • Family friendliness (FF)
  • Fan service (F)
  • Cultural Hints (CH)

Need an anime to entertain the kids? Check the FF meter. Want to find the slice of life anime? They will probably have a high CH rating. So use these to your advantage as a form of research. That way you can get an idea of what's in an anime without dealing with too many spoiler alerts.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Asian Festival Dallas 2014

So if you are an "Otaku" in the DFW area, you are probably more or less acquainted with at least some of the Asian culture, well then a treat for you is coming soon.
Next weekend on May 17th is the Dallas Asian Festival, brought to you by the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce.
This event is FREE to enter and there will be many vendors and performers there, representing all parts of Asia!

This is an event for the whole family! Thousands of people come every year so expect it to be a little crowded, here are the basic details you need to know.

WHAT: 24th Annual Asian Festival in Dallas
WHEN: Saturday May 17th  11am - 6pm
WHERE:  Main Street Garden at 1902 Main Street. in Dallas.


Food Booths
 Aloha Shave Ice
 Bombay Chopstix
 Bombay Street Food
 Born to Roll
 Chefs Kitchen
 Delish Bubble Tea
 Food Booths K-Sushi  
 Philadelphia Italian Ice  
 Pho Street Cafe
 Samosa Hut
 Say Kimchi  
 Thai Express  
 Yim Yam
 Asian Vendors 
 A-Kon: Phoenix Entertainment  Againts the  Grain/ Kollaboration         
 Asian Film Festival 
 Bajra Inc         Far Fetch Import       ICNA Dallas
 Made in Bali
 Praniti Fashion
 Prismela Arts
 Riggin Home & Respite
 Samantha Rose
 Sasa Cosmetics and  Consulting LLC
 Stones & Beyond
 The Learning Center Retreat
 Business Booth Silverleaf Resort

Saturday, May 3, 2014


First Saturday of May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! So for many of those people who are not familiar with comic books, this is a good chance for introduction to comics!
Most comic book provider stores have a good selection of FREE comics, you need to look for the promotional "Free comic book day" logo on the top of the comic.  Most stores allow about 10 comics per customer for free, so enjoy and get a taste of the comic world!  Oh and May the Fourth be with you tomorrow!!!!!
Here's the batch I got.

Avatar the Last Airbender, Teen Titans Go, The Smurfs, Courtney Crumrin, and Amy and Leela.