Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A-Kon 28 is THIS WEEK!

A-Kon 28 is this Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas!
I am so excited to go, I am part of a ParaPara dance group called EKS-D ParaPara, I may have to do a post about this in an upcoming blog, but this is going to be the firs time the whole group will be staying the weekend at the convention!  We'll have a whole weekend of programming and demos to do so its going to be great!

This is the first year that A-Kon will be at the Fort Worth Convention Center, not only that but the three surrounding hotels will also have programming, The Sheraton by the Water Gardens will be your J-Pop and video rooms it seems, the Omni will be the Gaming central, and the Hilton will be J-Fashion. I am excited as well for the giant dealers room in the Convention Center, the concerts in the Arena, and the panels and events in the rooms and ballrooms in the building.

I wanted to share a couple of videos to get the hype going some more so check it out below and hope to see you there!

Who remembers Foamy the Squirrel and A-Kon advice?

Pentagon Japan will be at A-Kon 28, check out their excitement!  It's their first time in America!

Check out the venues in Fort Worth!

A-Kon will also be presenting OxT also their first time in America!

Oh and I must do my own plug! This is my dance group's YouTube!
Check us out, we are EKS-D ParaPara!