Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gaby's Review: The Devil is a Part Timer

So recently I had the pleasure to start watching, "The Devil is a Part Timer."  A pleasure it is indeed!  The first episode is absolutely hilarious.  It starts out as what seems like is going to be an epic type anime with demons and heroes in a fantasy type setting. But then after traveling through a portal the main characters find themselves in modern day Japan having to deal with things like part time jobs, rent, and dates!
The main character is  Satan Jacob, he arrives in the modern world with Alciel, they take on human names Sadao Mao and Shiro Ashiya and also end up running into Emilia the Hero who goes by Emi  in the human world and hilarious trouble ensues.
I've only watched a handful of episodes so far and the storyline gets a little more serious after about episode 3, where more characters are introduced that have to do with the other realm that Satan, Alciel, and Hero Emilia are from.  Some pretty evil characters come to Japan trying to destroy Satan and Emilia so they have to join forces to defeat him, even though they are both rivals of each other.
Overall this is a good show, I'm enjoying it and look forward to see how these battles end!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Luck Girl Review

Good Luck Girl
Written By: Taketo Shimoyama
Directed By: Yoichi Fujita
Studio: Sunrise
Manga: Yoshiaki Sukeno

Storyline (S) ******
Family Friendliness (FF) ***
Fanservice (F) ********
Cultural Hints (CH) *****

Everything in the world needs to stay in balance; that includes the happiness in everyone’s lives. If there is too much or too little happiness energy in one person, Gods of Misfortune like Momiji are in charge of making everything normal again. Our heroine is in charge of Ichiko, a girl who has everything going for her. She’s gorgeous, has all the men at school at her command, and her family is so rich she has her own butler at home. What Ichiko doesn't want to admit is that if she doesn't cooperate with Momijo she will suck the fortune of those around her.

The storyline is very laid back but still has a plot. Despite all the comedy, there is some touching drama underneath which helps the story’s development. It is an enjoyable comedy that is filled with Easter eggs of well-known anime. Some examples include Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and Lupin the 3rd.

Although the nudity is censored, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. This and some other characteristics in the anime make it more suitable for older teens and adults. That doesn’t mean you can’t watch it with the family however. Just make sure that everyone’s at least watched Family Guy by the time you share this anime.

The fanservice in this anime tends to be both sexy and hilarious at the same time. (It’s a comedy what do you expect?) But the censorship really is similar to what you can find in Family Guy: the character can be standing but naked and stuff around them conveniently covers just enough to keep the ratings PG-13.

This anime helps you learn a little more about the spirits that are found in Japanese culture. For example, there really is a “toilet god” along with other household deities. You can also find references to yokai, the zodiac, and more.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal just came out!

The new title screen for Sailor Moon Crystal

Hi everyone, its Gaby. So today, July 5th 2014,  is the new release of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series, a brand new reboot of the original sailor senshi anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The show where school girls in skimpy sailor outfits fight the evil of the galaxy from taking the pure hearts or life energy of unsuspecting characters in the show.
Of course as we can expect this being a total reboot, they have kept the original characters with Usagi of course being our main protagonist.  My only qualm with this is that her voice is a tad bit annoying at first, but as the show progressed I got used to it.  Usagi being a clutz and a scatterbrain steps on the cat Luna as she hurries to school, Luna then later finds her and tells her she is Sailor Moon and then its history.  And may I also say the first episode felt extremely rushed, but its only a 20 some minute show so you can only do so much.
Usagi after her first transformation into Sailor Moon

Yes the animation is newly revamped, however the characters look a lot thinner than in the original and to me its a little bit...uh...not sure.  I guess its just personal preference.

The opening song "Moon Pride" by Momoiro Clover Z has a little bit of a rock feel to it, and I don't think its as catchy as "Moonlight Densetsu" but its still pretty cool.

I do believe we can expect the usual with this reboot as in the original...Bad guy makes trouble, sailor scouts save the day, if they get in trouble, Tuxedo mask will come in etc.

If you are a fan of the original Sailor Moon, then I do suggest you check this out, it may bring a lot of thoughts about the old one, and you may find yourself unknowingly pointing out differences.

If you are new to the sailor senshi fandom, then yes watch this and enjoy it! It's cute, has talking animals, pretty girls in school uniforms, and romance.

Best place to watch: They will put up new episodes every 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Azu Manga Daioh Review

Azu Manga Daioh!
Manga By: Kiyohiko Azuma
Directed By: Hiroshi Nishikiori
Studio: J.C. Staff

Storyline (S) ******
Family Friendliness (FF) *******
Fanservice (F) ****
Cultural Hints (CH) *****

School has just started when Chiyo Mihama, a cute little prodigy, joins her new class. In this high school she meets some eccentric characters like Tomo, Sakaki, and Yukari-Sensei. From there all kinds of shenanigans await.

The storyline is very simple and definitely gives the slice of life vibe. There are times when it can be cute, silly, and touching; just like real life. For you younger audience it makes you hopeful for what's to come. For you older folk, it does make you think of the "good times." Although if you were hoping for a complex plot... don't watch this anime. XD

This story is good for the whole family. The few scenes that are borderline inappropriate can actually be useful to explain and warn your little sisters about "the creepy guys." (Yes I'm talking about you Mr. Kimura.)

For those who love cute animals, prepare to be overwhelmed. Cats have a special theme in this series and they will pop up again and again. And there will be times when the characters themselves are just adorable. This show does a great job at making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Slice of life anime tend to be very accurate about the Japanese school culture.
I recommend this to new anime lovers who want to learn a little bit more about high school life in Japan.

TEASER! New Studio Ghibli movie. Omoide no Marnie.

Here is a teaser of the new Studio Ghibli move. Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie was There) adapted from Joan G. Robinsons Children's book. Coming soon to a theater in Japan!