Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall is here!

But con season is not over yet! With the autumn we now have a chance to enjoy fun Japanese Festivals and even more conventions, and now without the scorching hot Texas weather. Yup it's looking like its finally going to get a bit more chill so that is good news!

Here are a few events we're looking forward to here in the DFW area!

Coming up at the end of the month is Nightmare Nights! With the new My Little Pony movie that just came out in theaters, this one is bound to be a huge hit with local bronies in the area. Unforunately this will be the last Nightmare Nights in DFW until someone else is able to take over the planning. The current convention heads are moving away and will not be able to organize this event again until other convention planners are able to take this over.  Check out more info and registration information about Nightmare nights here at their website!

The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens has been holding a Japanese festival twice a year every year for quite a number of years actually! It is held in their own Japanese Gardens, where you will see and maybe even take part in the traditional tea ceremony, watch live performances of music, martial arts, and dancing! A great place to wear your yukata and take pretty pictures in the Japanese Garden. Check out the website for more information.


The Otsukimi Moon Viewing Festival was originally scheduled for October's full moon but due to bad weather conditions this event has been re-scheduled to Saturday November 4th, still planned to be at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. Check it out, there will be Japanese Bentos, performances, origami, and more!

Anime North Texas has been growing in numbers for a couple of years now, still a newer convention but it has plenty to offer and the best maid cafe experience for any convention in the area that I have experienced.   This year it is going to be in the Irving Sheraton DFW hotel in mid November.  Check out their website for more information and to pre-register!

Friday, October 13, 2017

San Japan X

This year I finally got to go to San Japan in San Antonio Texas.  This labor day weekend convention is one that I had looked forward to, I had heard nothing but great things about San Japan including, a sweet gaming room, with Japanese arcade machines set on free play, an all day karaoke room, the Itasha car scene, and of course the beautiful scenery of the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Of course while I was there I had to make a pilgrimage to The Alamo, a trip to San Antonio would not have been complete without this.

San Japan did not disappoint, it was everything I had heard of and more! The karaoke room was indeed an all day thing, from 10am to 4am so much non-stop karaoke.  The musical guests were amazing, I went to two concerts, Japanese rock band ALL OFF ending their tour at San Japan with a bang! I didn't even plan to attend this concert, I sort of just found myself there and I ended up having a great time. I also attended the wonderful concert of Myuu and his dark piano compositions. Plus the DJ's at night Teddy Loid and the Living Tombstone were amazing.

On my off time from the convention, I decided to take a tour of the Riverwalk since it was right in front of the hotel. There was also a mall where plenty of food options were available, as well as a variety of restaurants on the actual Riverwalk itself. Not more than about a 5 minute walk from the convention hotel was the Alamo. Great convention for tourists and people new to Texas for sure, or even new to the area!
I would highly recommend going to this convention, and I hope to make it back again soon!

Here are a few pictures below of some of the cosplay I found at the convention, also be sure to check out the Facebook gallery at this link right here, to see even more pictures from San Japan and the atmosphere at the convention. 

Quickie on Quakecon 2017

I actually had a chance to stop by Quakecon 2017 this year at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine Texas.  Quakecon this year was August 24-27, 2017.
This year there was actually some hype about cosplay! That's right this year Quakecon actually held a cosplay contest so that brought along more cosplayers to the event.

I was able to catch a few pictures of some of the cosplayers as well as some of the atmosphere of the beautiful resort, and a big congratulations to Riana in Japana @DIYferret for her win in the cosplay contest!

Check out my gallery on Facebook here at this link! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Anime Fest 2017

Anime Fest in Downtown Dallas is pretty much my favorite anime convention in the area. It's smaller than A-Kon, pretty laid back, and in the tallest hotel in the region, the Sheraton Dallas.
This fest was great as usual, with so much programming for Yuri on Ice fans, the autographs especially went a little nuts, with everyone trying to get some! Great screenings throughout the weekend, and of course plenty of cosplay as usual!
Here are a few fan-submitted pics as well as some of my own from my own phone.
Maybe you will spot you or someone you know, or get some ideas for a cosplay in the future!
Anime Fest has been scheduled for the same days next year! August 17-20th!