Monday, February 22, 2016

Man Crush Monday: Edward Elric

by Gaby

For this "Man Crush Monday" I am choosing Edward Elric. Back when the original airing of Fullmetal Alchemist was on, I totes wanted to put myself in the show and be Edward's personal mechanic myself, haha!  With his high optimistic attitude and go get 'em outlook on life, he was one of many people's favorite character.  Of course we loved when he was called  shrimp because then his adorable little temper would arise and it was just something hilariously adorable.

In the series Fullmetal Alchemist, if you haven't seen it, Edward and his brother Alphonse like to dabble in alchemy. Until one day their mother dies, the brothers are so heartbroken that they believe that they can bring her back using alchemy. However, something goes horribly wrong and Alphonse ends up losing his body, as "equivalent exchange" Edward pays the price of an arm and a leg and he was able to bond his brothers soul to a suit of armor.

Determined to find a way to get their bodies back to normal, Edward decides that he wants to enlist in the military and becomes the youngest state alchemist being able to pass the test at only the age of 12.

His endless determination to right the wrongs, his loyalty to himself and his brother, and just the overall good that comes out of Edward is why fan girls just adore him. Who couldn't adore an adorable pipsqueak with a heart of gold?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nerdy Geek Fashion Show!

by Gaby

So today I was at an event at a store called Roll2Play in Coppell, Tx.  I had never been to Coppell, but it was pretty nice.  The store istelf was typical of a "nerd store" as some have come to call it, with lots of board games, card games, tournaments, miniature figures, and dice. Lots and lots of dice.
The cosplay contest was small with only about 6 participants, some where in a group, so even though there were more people standing up they were only going to judge as if there were only 6 contestants.

I made a five minute video of the cosplay and fashion show happenings, you will have to excuse my poor video, I had a problem with aspect ratios not matching up so the video might look a bit weird. I am still learning on my new video editing software so I wasn't successfull exporting the video in the best form either,  but low and behold I somehow got the video published on the ToriHato channel on YouTube, enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Anime Valentine Cards

by Gaby

So Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Hope you are having a good time whether alone, with friends,  or with your Valentine.   I have found a few fun cards that anyone is welcome to share today or for future use.  Of course anime Valentine cards can go anywhere from adorably sweet to of course some people's creations of borderline risque innuendos.   So here they are and enjoy!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Day. No Date? No Problem!

by Gaby

If you are amongst the many who will be dateless on Valentines day, have no fear because here I have your Otaku guide to survive your lonely valentines day!!!!

1. Sure everyone says its lonely to be alone, but you don't have to be alone! You have all your anime and your awesome otaku stuff!   I know some people have a collection of awesome plushies or really cool collectibles!

2. Use this time to binge watch on something awesome!  Or if you are still depressed watch an anime with a character that is so strange you will want to laugh.   I recommend if you haven't seen WATAMOTE this is a good time to watch it.  You'll that being a unique individual is pretty neat. Heck give yourself some hickeys so that when you see someone the next day you can be all like..."yeah I had some action."

Yes this is a scene from the anime WATAMOTE...she actually does this.

3. Eat Candy!!!!  Hey go to the store and try to look cool, buy the delicious candy yummies, or heck order yourself some and act surprised whent he delivery person shows up at your door.  Gotta love yourself right?  Try melting chocolate bars and making your own fun confections! It'll be fun!

All in all don't be sad if you don't have a date for Valentines day! remember its just another day, except its been overly marketed to sell chocolate and stuff.   Pretty soon you can go and shop for sales at 50% off! 
If you are still melancholy about being dateless and think you are forever alone, don't be sad, there are other that think the same.  Love finds people when they least except it, so get that out of your mind and just enjoy life! Be the best you, you can be! If you don't love yourself, how do you expect someone else to love you?

Stay happy and sweet! Happy Valentines Day!