Friday, July 24, 2015

Cosplay Blog: Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers

By Gaby

I look like Tina?

I honestly wasn't even thinking about doing Bob's Burgers cosplay but since I recently got my hair cut, I was trying to live with this awful short hair that doesn't even reach my shoulders.  So one day I was hanging out with some friends and they had the idea that I kind of looked like Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers.  Well I decided to give it a try.   I already had a light blue workout shirt in my closet and dark blue Soffee skirt in my closet, so I figured that that would be good enough to pull off Tina's main ensemble of a baby blue shirt and a dark blue skirt.  I dug u p some black sneakers went to the dollar store to find some crew socks, and bough a yellow barrette.
Making the book
I already wear the glasses and have the awful haircut so all that I needed was to make a composition book into an Erotic Friend Fiction book. 
The outfit
I found a pink composition book and put a blank white photo paper on it and wrote on it "Erotic Friend Fiction" and "Buttloose" from the episiode "Bad Tina" when she shares out loud the story about the zombies touching butts. 
So I basically had everything I needed to become Tina.  
I also decided to go with an additional prop.  Since she likes Unicorns and horses, I decided to try and win a unicorn out of a claw machine, so I could use it as an additional prop.  Can't wait to parade around as Tina at the upcoming Anime Fest in Dallas coming up on Labor Day Weekend! All I gotta do now is perfect the "Uhhhhhh..."

Me as Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Assassination Classroom!!!

Review by Gaby
Promotional Poster for Assassination Classroom
Another series that has been rising in popularity here in the states this summer is Assassination Classroom.  Recently just finished airing in Japan on June 20th, 2015 with 22 episodes.
This story is not your average high school comedy, its comedy, mixed with assassination plots, mixed with sci-fi, and just a bunch of good stuff all meshed into one anime.
Korosensei is the yellow octopus looking tentacle alien in the image above...well he blows up the moon and basically tells everyone that he will destroy the Earth in one year unless the delinquent class 3-E can assasinate him, hence the Assassination Classroom title.
Korosensei turns colors depending on his moods

 So basically these kids in Junior High are now under pressure to assassinate this alien creature. And the twist is that this alien creature will also be their teacher that teaches them in a secluded area where no one else knows that this is going on.
Not too shabby at the teaching thing
He's actually a pretty good teacher though, actually manages to teach the students while they at the same time try to come up with ways to kill him.

He's so fast he clones himself

Korosensei, is actually extremely fast, being able to travel at Mach 20 speeds is always able to evade attacks from the students, and is actually so fast that he can pretty much clone himself and be able to help all the students at once (quite a hilarious scene).

So yes this is Assassination Classrrom. Expect many cosplayers this summer.  Especially since the series is already a live action series that was just released on March 21, 2015.
Scene from Live Action Assassination Classroom

Anime Opening Theme:
#1: "Seishun Satsubatsuron" (青春サツバツ論; Youth Savage Theory) by 3-nen E-Gumi Utatan (eps 1-17)
#2: "Jiriki Hongan Revolution" (自力本願レボリューション; Self-Reliance Revolution) by 3-Nen E-gumi Utatan (eps 18-)
Anime Ending Theme:
"Hello, shooting-star" by moumoon

Monday, July 6, 2015

LADYBABY!!! When Metal mixes with Jpop schoolgirls!

by Gaby

The members of LADYBABY are Rie Kaneko, Rei Kuromiya and the lovely Ladybeard

So this video has been going around all day today concerning one of Japan's newest out of the ordinary idol group LADYBABY.   This group proves that you don't have to look or sound like Ayumi Hamasaki to be an idol, but they have been winning over audiences with their adorable yet rockin' awesome style and music.

Here take a look at their first single "Nippon Manju" video just got released July 4th, 2015.  This song basically tells you to enjoy all the awesome things that Japan has to offer, the perfect travel guide video if I do say so myself!   And be sure to keep an eye out for more great hits by LADYBABY, with their album, 『ニッポン饅頭 / ULTRA☆LUCKY』, to be released on July 29th, 2015.

Will LADYBABY be the next BABYMETAL rival?

Check out their webpage and YouTube for more updates!

Official LADYBABY Webpage


Blood Blockade Battlefront Review

Review by: Jenny

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Directed by: Rie Matsumoto
Studio: Bones
Licensed by: Madman Entertainment, Funimation
Manga: Yasuhiro Nightow

After a nearly catastrophic event, New York City becomes a melting pot of creatures and humans in what is now called Harlem's Lot. The story centers around Libra, an organization of unique members who use their skills to stop crime in the city. Despite everything being so strange, Leonardo's normal behavior may be the strangest thing of all.

The anime has a roaring 20s feel to it. and it's not just because of the fun ending credits. There are themes addressed throughout the anime that people during that time may have experienced. It is as if the monsters are an allegory for the immigrants who were slowly merging with the American culture. In this case it is the slow progression of coexistence among humans and monsters.

This anime is meant for people who like to focus more on the story line than the fan service. There are some funny ecchi moments, but they tend to accentuate the humor. (Kinda like the cherry on top of the anime ice cream sundae.) People who have enjoyed anime such as Full Metal Alchemist and Coyboy Bebop must see this series. Newer otakus may also enjoy Black Blood Brothers. 

Recognize this little guy? ;3

It is important to mention that the mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow is also the creator of Trigun. For those who can't remember, Trigun follows the journeys of Vash, a supposed criminal mastermind who has a $$60 billion bounty on his head. Some Easter Eggs can be found throughout the series so have fun hunting. The anime series concludes soon so keep your godly eyes peeled. 

Opening Theme: "Hello World!" by Bump of Chicken
Closing Theme: "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" by Unison Square Garden

Sunday, July 5, 2015

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Excist.

Review by: Gaby

In a world where dirty words, sexy magazines, and anything considered obscene is illegal.  One organization named SOX (Anti-Societal Organization), stands to put an end to all the censorship and let the world know that ecchi feelings are totally natural!

All right so I was browsing through current simulcasts and bumped into this little gem, sounds absolutely  hilarious so I had to watch it.   It starts off with some guys sneaking some dirty magazines in a secret place, when one of them says a dirty word, a device on their neck lights up and the decency patrol gets alerted, so right from the beginning you can see where this is going to go.
Its like the opposite of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" where indecency is encouraged, in this world, you can't even say a bad word without getting arrested.
It was just released in Japan on July4th, 2015 so its the perfect time to get started with a new series,
you can catch this one weekly on the Funimation Simulcasts.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys utopian/dystopian anime or enjoys ecchi.  Although the society itself is against anything ecchi, the main female character Ayame Kajo and her forcefully recruited Tanukichi Okuma are sure to concoct some indecent hilarity to try to bring cencorship to a halt in this society.

Opening Theme:
"B Chiku Sentai SOX" (B地区戦隊SOX; B-District Squadron SOX) by SOX
Ending Theme:
"Inner Urge" by Sumire Uesaka