Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A-Kon 25 Schedule of events is up!

A-Kon 25 schedule is up and ready to be viewed! make sure you take a looksie and plan out your con days!

Here is the link! http://www.a-kon.com/?p=3600

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A-Kon 25 Countodown!

Today, April 27th, is the last day to pre-register for A-Kon 25, June6-8, but you want to make sure you get to the con on June 5th because it was announced that there will be a masquerade being host on the night of June 5th to get everyone ready for the con! That means you need to make sure you get your badge before the dance! And this is a strictly formal masquerade so no glow sticks! More information on the dance is here http://www.a-kon.com/?p=4987

A-Kon 25 T-shirt design has finally been announced and its super cute! Be sure to pick yours up at the con!
The 2014 A-Kon 25 winning T-shirt design by FalseDelusion!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Register for the DFW upcoming anime conventions!

So basically now is the time to register for the best anime conventions in Dallas, A-Kon 25 and Anime Fest 2014 and look out for the new ANT convention in Fort Worth in November.

In case you are new to the whole anime convention scene, the biggest con to look out for is A-Kon, this year being held at the Hilton Anatole for the second year.  Last year over 27,000 people attended and yes pretty much the entire hotel was booked but there are many surrounding overflow hotels.  
A-Kon this year is June 6-8 and the last day to pre-register is April 27th.  Pre-reg price is at $55 for a weekend pass and I'm telling you it only gets more expensive if you decide to not pre-reg and just get the ticket at the door.   Currently at the door ticket prices have not been posted but we can guess its not going to be cheap.   Pre-reg is going to be your best price option at A-Kon, and if you already pre-registered months ago, then good for you, you got the best deals!
Thats right, the earlier you do it, the better the price! 
 Register ASAP at http://www.A-Kon.com

Anime Fest this year will once again be held at The Sheraton in Downtown Dallas. This year however the dates have changed from labor day weekend to August 15-18, this sucks for us that liked having the labor day con, because now I actually have to use up vacation time at work. ugh. 
Anyway Anime Fest is a smaller con, last year about 5,000 people attended. 
In my opinion it is very well put together and a perfect con to get you into the swing of "big" cons. 
Tickets right now are at $35 for a Friday-Monday pass and they will go up after the end of April.  Pre-register at http://animefest.org

New for the second year is Anime North Texas.
I was unable to check this out last year due to a wedding I attended but I actually might go about and check this one out to see how the beginning cons are.  Anime North Texas a.k.a ANT will have its second year November 14-16 at the Radisson in Fort Worth.  Tickets right now start at $25 and go up depending if you want a VIP pass etc.  more information is at http://animenorthtexas.com 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Japanese Spring Festival Time!

Spring Festival time is here!
Mark your calendars for April 26 weekend at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Japanese Garden for the Spring Festival!
Here is the link to the Botanic Gardens event calendar for more information. https://fwbg.org/events/309/japanese-garden-festival/

I've also made an event page on Facebook so you can share :-)
Sakura Dance Group performing Japanese Festival Dance at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth 2013

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leo Con III in Commerce TX

Ok So I attended Leo Con on March 29th at A& M Commerce,   It was pretty cool, although since right now they are still considered a small con, it was not as awesome as I'd like to rave about, but still very cool indeed for a small con,

Jenny as Maid Cafe Maid and Myself as Chi from Chobits
The main thing I really wanted to go to was Nathan Arbuckle's presentation, he is a special effects guru in the film industry, has worked on major motion pictures such as Alvin and the Chipmunks and Ghost Rider, 8MM, and Harry Potter.  He was very informative indeed.  I also wanted to attend the voice over panel but it got canceled.

I did attend the Costume contest and won 2nd place with my Chobits cosplay! I didnt win anything, which I think they should work on that because whats the motivation to dress up if you aren't going to win anything as a prize? am I right?

The dance was really fun, I think the best dances are the con dances, you get really nerdy music like Disney song medleys, video game music, and music to jam out to like the Pokemon song.

All in all it was good, especially since it was the first time it was in the Student Center instead of the Hall of Languages.  Look forward to next year!