Friday, January 11, 2013

Kokoro Connect, a positive review!

So I really got into Kokoro Connect, a school/supernatural/romance/slice of life anime that revolves around 5 high school students, Taichi Yaegashi, Himeko Inaba, Iori Nagase, Yoshifumi Aoki, and Yui Kiriyama.
One day they inexplicably find themselves swapped in each others bodies randomly at random times. The culprit of this Phenomenom is known as Heartseed and pretty much toys around with these kids just for the fun of it.
Through all these the kids find themselves experiencing new things, feelings things they hadn't before and even falling in love.
Kokoro Connect really got me hooked, especially since I am such a Haruhi Suzumiya fan, this anime really caught my eye!
I highly recommend it. You can check it out on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anime Cons in Dallas!

Ok so there are some pretty awesome Cons coming up here in Texas that i am definitively excited for!

First up on my list is Mini A-KON 2013.  i believe this is the 6th year they have had a Mini A-Kon and it will be at the Denton Public Library once again.  its going to be super soon! January 6th, 2013!!!  Click the link for more information

Then we have A-Kon 24, which is the pretty much huge in the area. So big that they moved it from the Sheraton in Downtown Dallas to the huge Hilton Anatole which has huge convention spaces.  Very exciting indeed!
Look forward to A-Kon 24 starting May 31, 2013.  For more information and to reserve your badge visit

My awesome friends cosplaying awesomely of course!
 Anime Fest of course is another really awesome Con to look forward to.  Last year was the first year that it was at the Sheraton in Downtown Dallas, and it was AMAZING!  I really enjoyed this Con, there were not as many people as A-Kon so it was not as crowded and therefore more enjoyable in the vicinity. 
This year it will also be at the Sheraton in Dallas so it will likely  be very much fun once again.  Plan your trip at for the weekend of Aug 30th.

here are some pics from my 2012 trip at Anime Fest.

My favorite outfit was Lolita style

Me and furry owl who made chirpy noises

Me and Lolita friend Jenny skate on Lolita skate meetup, sadly we were the only Lolitas who skated lol!

Lolitas take a moment to smile at the camera from the ice rink!

Aerial view of the Plaza of the Americas ice rink...sadly this ice rink will no longer be there, it is being demolished to make room for more chairs and tables! Boo!!! :-(

People at Photoshoots

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So Hulu has finally added Kobato!!!  As of now there are currently only 2 episodes for the viewing and they better add more if they know whats good for them!
CLAMP's Kobato's animation seems very familiar to the style of Tsubasa and the beautiful Kobato definitively shows us that this is going to be a good anime.  Come on we got cute girl, talking animal, and a hunky glasses guy, thats like awesomely amazing CLAMP romance in the works! Oh yes and if you look closely you will see CLAMP crossovers with Tsubasa and such.

Check out more about Kobato on Hulu  at