Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leo Con III in Commerce TX

Ok So I attended Leo Con on March 29th at A& M Commerce,   It was pretty cool, although since right now they are still considered a small con, it was not as awesome as I'd like to rave about, but still very cool indeed for a small con,

Jenny as Maid Cafe Maid and Myself as Chi from Chobits
The main thing I really wanted to go to was Nathan Arbuckle's presentation, he is a special effects guru in the film industry, has worked on major motion pictures such as Alvin and the Chipmunks and Ghost Rider, 8MM, and Harry Potter.  He was very informative indeed.  I also wanted to attend the voice over panel but it got canceled.

I did attend the Costume contest and won 2nd place with my Chobits cosplay! I didnt win anything, which I think they should work on that because whats the motivation to dress up if you aren't going to win anything as a prize? am I right?

The dance was really fun, I think the best dances are the con dances, you get really nerdy music like Disney song medleys, video game music, and music to jam out to like the Pokemon song.

All in all it was good, especially since it was the first time it was in the Student Center instead of the Hall of Languages.  Look forward to next year!

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