Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gaby's Review: The Devil is a Part Timer

So recently I had the pleasure to start watching, "The Devil is a Part Timer."  A pleasure it is indeed!  The first episode is absolutely hilarious.  It starts out as what seems like is going to be an epic type anime with demons and heroes in a fantasy type setting. But then after traveling through a portal the main characters find themselves in modern day Japan having to deal with things like part time jobs, rent, and dates!
The main character is  Satan Jacob, he arrives in the modern world with Alciel, they take on human names Sadao Mao and Shiro Ashiya and also end up running into Emilia the Hero who goes by Emi  in the human world and hilarious trouble ensues.
I've only watched a handful of episodes so far and the storyline gets a little more serious after about episode 3, where more characters are introduced that have to do with the other realm that Satan, Alciel, and Hero Emilia are from.  Some pretty evil characters come to Japan trying to destroy Satan and Emilia so they have to join forces to defeat him, even though they are both rivals of each other.
Overall this is a good show, I'm enjoying it and look forward to see how these battles end!

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