Monday, June 1, 2015

A-Kon packing list!

The time has come, here in the Dallas area, the largest anticipated anime convention is A-Kon. 
Known as the longest continually running anime convention in America, A-kon has also become one of the most attended Anime conventions in the state and in the country. 
So here is a bit of a packing list to get you started when you're packing your bags to attend the convention.
This year A-Kon 26 goes from June5-7, 2015, with a pre-day on Thursday June 4th, where they will be hosting a Masquerade Ball with the help of Mu Epsilon Kappa. 

Here is your list of essentials.


*Your COSPLAY(of course) and all pieces (You may want to make a list for your cosplay pieces if there are several)
*Your outfit for any fancy balls you will be attending (separate list of individual pieces if needed
 *SHOES! don't forget your cosplay or fancy shoes.  Plus make sure you bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear on your down time and SOCKS/STOCKINGS if you need them too.
*UNDERWEAR, yes please don't forget to pack the essentials.
*Something to wear to sleep or on your downtime. Some people get so concertrated on what they are going to wear during the con that they forget to pack PAJAMAS!
*Pack at least two extra outfits of normal clothes
*WIGS - bring your wig cap, pins, everything you need to do your hair.
* A Laundry bag for your dirty clothes. 
*Swimsuit if you plan to swim


*TOOTHBRUSH  - toothpaste and floss included
*Extra Toilet paper
*DEODORANT and body spray
*Hand sanitizer
* RAZORS - aftershave, shaving cream, and lotion
*Facial scrub and makeup remover
*CONTACTS and GLASSES - make sure you bring contact solution, and an extra case. 
*(feminine hygiene products for the ladies)


*First aid kit with bandages, antibiotic ointment, and essentials
*Emergency cosplay sewing kit
*Emergency eye glass repair kit
*Pain reliever
*Any medications you may be prescribed
*Allergy medicine


*Hair straightnener or curler, blow dryer if you also prefer not to use the hotels
*Batteries if you have anything battery powered
*Any items you wanted autographed  with a marker
*something to write with
*Glowsticks for the dance
*Controllers for any gaming tourneys
*Extra pillows or blankets


*Bring your MONEY and wallet with ID!  - make sure you have cash
*Print out your registration e-mails, for hotel, badge, and anything else. 
*Emergency contact info for your roomies
*Locks for your bags if you are paranoid


(I am not usually a big food packer, I mostly eat what the hotel offers but there are many who pack food and stuff to make food with like rice cookers, toasters, and some even bring their own microwaves and mini fridges or coolers) 
If you don't have these just bring some of the below. 
*Anything non perishable unless you bring a fridge (bread, crackers, chips)
*Something to snack on during the day (granola bars, snickers, pretzels)
*Water bottles so that you don't dehydrate
*cup of noodles (you can add hot water from the in-room coffee maker)



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