Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nerdy Geek Fashion Show!

by Gaby

So today I was at an event at a store called Roll2Play in Coppell, Tx.  I had never been to Coppell, but it was pretty nice.  The store istelf was typical of a "nerd store" as some have come to call it, with lots of board games, card games, tournaments, miniature figures, and dice. Lots and lots of dice.
The cosplay contest was small with only about 6 participants, some where in a group, so even though there were more people standing up they were only going to judge as if there were only 6 contestants.

I made a five minute video of the cosplay and fashion show happenings, you will have to excuse my poor video, I had a problem with aspect ratios not matching up so the video might look a bit weird. I am still learning on my new video editing software so I wasn't successfull exporting the video in the best form either,  but low and behold I somehow got the video published on the ToriHato channel on YouTube, enjoy!

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