Sunday, April 24, 2016

Japanese Spring Festival in Fort Worth TX

by Gaby

Every year, I like to attend a few Japanese culture events around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, yesterday I visited the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens for the Japanese Spring Festival at the Japanese Gardens. 

This year I noticed that the price for admission has really gone up, last year it was $6 but this year it was $8, talk about inflation am I right?!  Even with the large price increase, that did not stop the people from coming to this event, in fact it was the most crowded I had ever seen before.  So crowded that even in the middle of one a dance performance someone had to get on the microphone and tell people to sit down because other people couldn't see the stage behind them.

This year they had the usuals, lots of booths with arts and crafts around the zen garden. Origami booths, calligraphy, artisans, and Japanese carnival games.  There were a few vendors selling accessories, hats, wall scrolls, and trinkets.  Also a booth where people could try on a traditional Japanese kimono and take a picture.

Some of the main attractions were schools of martial arts, Japanese tea ceremony,  dancing, and the taiko drummers.  This year was also made possible by the Fort Worth Japanese Society, check out their facebook page for more up to date information on any upcoming events
Also look forward to the Fall Festival that they put on at the gardens as well, lots of fun activities are usually in the works for that as well. 


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