Monday, March 6, 2017

Life and Times of an Anime Nerd

by Gaby

I  guess this post mostly goes out to the people who aren't part of the anime fandom/otaku/weeabo world.
I've had a couple people ask what kind of stuff people do who are into anime, they assume we just sit at home and watch cartoons or anime, but I decided to take a camera and go out and have a "Weeb" Weekend!

First of all it was a great weekend as there was a mini convention going on, the Mini A-Kon convention was taking place in Lewisville, so I put on some Pinkie Pie hair and headed on over to the con!
Met some fun people to hang out with, took a lunch break at a place that American Otaku people always love, the sushi bar! Not just any sushi bar, we went to Kula Revolving Sushi, its very authentic with the way its set up like modern Japanese revolving sushi places.  After a certain amount of plates that you insert into the collection slot, a prize pops out of a machine that is situated above the sushi belts.
Since we were in the area we stopped at a couple of Asian stores, Kinokuniya was having a grand opening so we were in luck and got to see some of the festivities!
We returned to the convention where they were holding a raffle, I ended up winning two Dragonball Z action figures!
The next day on Sunday, decided to go back to the Kinokuniya Bookstore grand opening where more anime themed festivities where happening that day.  Met a couple other friends there and had more sushi, watched the cosplay show, and looked at more cool books.
So yes, its not always about sitting at home watching anime, its about getting out, experiencing a new culture, and meeting new friends!

See the short video summary below!

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