Friday, February 23, 2018

Anime Review: Handa- Kun

Wanted to take some time to recommend a fun little anime about a student name Sei Handa who is a calligraphy prodigy, who feels like a total outcast.  Or is he?  
Even though Handa-Kun feels like a loser, hated by all his peers, its kind of all in his mind. In reality his peers see him as the most popular kid in school, he is adored by fans, feared by bullies, and regular guys just want to be him!  All the adoration, however, in Handa's point of view is just his schoolmates being bullies to him, mocking him.  
Quick example is when he received a love letter, he thought it was a challenge letter for a fight, because in his mind he is a loser and everyone hates him. What will happen with the poor girl who supposedly challenged Handa to a fight?!
You will not regret it, just watch the first episode its absolutely hilarious! 

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