Saturday, March 10, 2018

Anime Review: Trigun

What if humanity lived in a desert planet modeled after the wild west with outlaws and guns and a hint of steampunk?
Milly and Meryl
Well that's the world you get in Trigun.  At first glance this anime seems like it may seem like the type of anime you would pass up, because what's so great about two insurance girls looking for an outlaw to assess his damages right?
This story actually goes in deeper though, just have a little patience.  All the episodes are actually quite enjoyable, there's only about 26 episodes too so its a pretty quick anime to binge through.

Vash and Wolfwood
Short synopsis goes like this, two damage insurance girls, Meryl and Milly,  are sent to go assess damages after an outlaw known as Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon, he received this name after rumors had it that he alone destroyed an entire town. With this reputation Vash has a bounty on him of $$60 billion double dollars!  At first they can't believe that this klutzy type of a man is actually Vash, but as the series progresses they learn to accept who he is an grow fond of him. They also come to realize that he is not a bad guy after all, as he friends a gun wielding priest named Wolfwood whom they also come to know and love. 
But little do they know that Vash has an even deeper secret that no one knows about. A secret that dates back over 100 years ago in space, and who is this other man who looks just like he could be Vash's twin?!!!
You're going to want to stick around for all 26 episodes of this 90's classic anime.

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