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[COSPLAY Defined:  Abbreviation of Costume Play, where fans of anime, games, and well known characters dress up as the character of their choosing.]

Hey guys so if you are planning to cosplay for the big summer conventions then you are probably getting your cosplay ready or starting to about this time.  Yes sometimes it takes weeks upon weeks to get that cosplay just right, depending on how hardcore you want to be.
OR if you are new to cosplay and you are not sure about it here are some tips along with some pictures from my collection of cosplayers taken at A-KON  in Dallas, Texas.
Ghost in Shell Cosplay
TIP #1: Be prepared to play the part.   If you want to go all out make sure you are prepared to look, act, and pose like your character.  For example this Ghost in Shell cosplayer is a definitive A+ she looks the part, has a body for the part, and includes an accessory.   If you are going to cosplay a character who shows some skin, you're gonna have to show some skin so if you are shy I suggest you cosplay someone that wears a fur coat or something...
Howls Moving Castle

TIP #2: Group Cosplay gets the most attention.  Ok so if you definitively want to be noticed at a convention you want to get a group of at least 3 to be noticed.  Yes those extremely awesome cosplayers may get noticed all alone but if there are 3 super awesome cosplayers versus just 1, that's 3 times more likely that you will get noticed and taken a picture of.

Naruto Cosplay: Kakashi Sensei
TIP #3: Accessorize!  Ok so just having the outfit alone is great, but to add more excitement to it add some accessories!  A plush of a character companion, a weapon, or a book they carry! It really adds a lot to the personality of your cosplay and a lot of recognition when you carry extra items that they would carry in the anime.
Creepy anime face masks

TIP #4: Avoid the creepy anime masks.  They are just flat out creepy and give an alien like quality to your cosplay.  You may think its cute but most people would much rather prefer to see someone with their own natural face on a costume than a fake one, unless of course they are cosplaying a furry then that's the only exception I say to wearing a mask, or if your character actually wears a mask like Ichigo in Bleach.  But just avoid the creepy anime face masks, they are more creepy than they are cool.

Labyrinth Cosplay: The Goblin King Jareth

Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay: Major Armstrong
TIP #5: The hair matters!  Whoever said that as long as you got the costume the hair is minimal...lied!  If you need a wig use a wig, but make sure its a good quality wig not a cheap Halloween $2 wig.  My personal  wigs have cost me around $50 give or take and they are amazing.  If you want to try your own hair for the cosplay make sure you can do the do. If you are willing to shave your head like this Alex Louis Armstrong cosplayer, go for it the better your cosplay will be, or you can use a nice awesome wig like this Jareth cosplayer above also.  But seriously do your hair when cosplaying!

Inuyasha group cosplayers
TIP #6: LOSE THE GLASSES! Ok guys eye care technology is way awesome now, there are ways to lose the glasses for a day of cosplaying, there's contacts, lasik surgery, or just going blind for the day, or heck better yet, take the glasses off when someone is taking your picture!!!   Unless your character wears glasses there is no need to lose the authenticity of your character by keeping them on if you are trying to be authentic with your cosplay. 

So there you have it, some tips on doing great cosplay.  Just some basics ones of course. I don't generally make cosplay I have it ordered so I can't really say on how to actually make a cosplay, just some tips on things you should or shouldn't do while you are playing the part. 

Happy Cosplaying Everyone!

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