Monday, March 26, 2012


Ok so while I was sick during spring break I watched most of Rosario + Vampire thanks to my wonderful little sister who pretty much became obsessed with watching it. It was very entertaining.  One thing I did forget to mention in the Vlog was that there are a lot of panty shots in this series.  I'm not even joking its like every 30 seconds we see a panty shot!  This is sure to satisfy the perverts who love watching the cute anime girls on screen. And warning these panty shots are from various angles. 
Overall the story of Rosario + Vampire is enjoyably entertaining, its a funny harem comedy where many strange girls fight over a very average normal boy that for some reason is super lucky and has a fan base of girls.

Anyway I give this series a 3 out of 5 stars mainly because some of the episodes did not make sense but it was still an enjoyable anime.

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