Monday, August 18, 2014

Anime Fest 2014

Another year, another Anime Fest!  This year instead of it being held on Labor Day Weekend, it was earlier, August 15-18. 
In my Personal opinion it was so so.  It seemed like some of the panels were lacking more content or some were repeats.  I personally love love love karaoke, but there was no panel for that this year so I was very disappointed. . However, there were many good panels that were done quite well and very informative, like the How to Live in Japan panel was great, very informative in terms of learning how to even get a license to work over there and the such. Other panels were too much talk, not enough interaction or visuals.
The video rooms were great! loved them and the selection of videos.   The concert this year was FLOW, they literally shook the walls, and the dance was all right. The formal was wonderful with a great selection of music from all forms of nerdy places from the Labyrinth, Howls Moving Castle, or anything classy and fun.
Yes there were the usual bad kids pulling the fire alarms and stealing lights off the elevators, but with Anime Fest staff offering a lifetime membership to find these trouble makers, I hope they find them soon!
Overall this con was pretty good, could be better with a little more work from the panels.  Saturday was the busiest day of them all but after that day all other days were very good in terms of atmosphere.
Also the TexMex restaurant at the Plaza of the America's called J. Pepe's is AWESOME! I can't believe I didnt go there earlier!!!

Here are a few pictures from the con.
Awesome cosplay!
lots of dealers in the dealers room

Pachinko Machines

Bodyline Lolita at the Dealers room

Cute fluffy things

Rave glow gear

Princess Mononoke Cosplay

Adventure Time Cosplay

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