Monday, November 17, 2014

Anime North Texas 2014

So the second year or Anime North Texas or ANT. I decided to check this out...

It was more fun than I thought! Yep for a small con you kept running into the same people over and over again but that was cool.
There weren't very many panels or gaming options but there were some pretty good ones. 
Cosplay was really good, I am assuming that people that didn't finish their cosplay for the summer cons have finally finished them for this con, very awesome cosplay.
Other great attractions included a really well put together speed dating event and an awesome anything goes karaoke show!
My hopes for small cons are definitively up now and I certainly see good things for ANT coming in the next few years, in fact some of the staff said they were going to consider looking for a bigger hotel for next year so let's hope to see some awesome things in the future!

Here are some pics from ANT 2014 at The Radisson in North Fort Worth Fossil Creek.
cosplay contest winners

Fiona at the Swap Meet

Sailor Moon princesses Princess Serenity actually won the cosplay contest

cards against humanity and munchkin!

nerdy card gaming too

San from Princess Mononoke

Naruto fans

Miyazaki enthusiasts


girl Link from Zelda

the short one...Edward Elric

loving the pink


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