Saturday, November 8, 2014

'One Week Friends' Anime Reivew

Decided to watch something cute and a little on the sentimental side.
One week friends centers around Fujimiija Kaori and Hase Yuuki. Hase-Kun wants to be friends with Fujimiya-san from the start, even though she delivers a cold and solitary front in class. She stops her in the middle of the hall and proclaims he wants them to be friends. She exclaims she can't. Determined to be friends, Hase-Kun continues to try to make friends with her and ends up sitting with her at lunch on the roof.  She finally tells him the truth, every Monday she wakes up with no memory of friendships of any kind from the week before, and this had been going on since she was in 6th grade. Hase, advises her that she should keep a diary and that he will try to be her friend every week.  Sure enough Monday rolls around and she does not remember him so he asks her to be his friend again and it goes on like that for Mondays on.

Hase-Kun asking Fujimiya-San to be his friend once again

The story does progress a lot and it even takes a few unexpected twists, as long as Fujimiya is able to read her diary of the previous week every Monday she will know she has friends.  This whole anime is a bit of a rollercoaster, especially because we root so much for Hase-Kun and right when things are getting great, something unexpected develops or something from Fujimiya's past comes back to haunt her making the progress of her memory restoration start all over.
Fujimiya-San shows Hase-Kun that she made note in her diary about his birthday.

I highly recommend this anime if you want a sweet high school boy meets complicated girl type of show.

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