Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gaby's Anime Review: D-Frag!

All Right so D-Frag just finished airing in Japan in March.

Last night I had the pleasure of being able to go to the dub screening of the first four episodes of D-Frag as dubbed by the Funimation voice actors.

I honestly didn't know what to expect I hadn't seen D-Frag before and all I heard was that it was a high school comedy....like every other anime it seems.

D-Frag is about Kenji Kazama, a not so popular "delinquent" type,  basically being forced to join a club called "The Game Creation Club." Where four zany girls basically make games and force him to do crazy things.  Hilarity further ensues when another club also claims to be the Game Creation Club and tries to get Kenji Kazama to drop the club.  The Battle of club presidents between Roka the cute "Moe" yet "dark" president of one of the Game Creation Clubs and Takao the big breasted girl who claims that her club is the real Game Creation Club.

With other hilarious characters, like the student body president Chitose Karasuyama the "Earth Type" of the Game Creation club, and Ataru Kawahara, Kenji's friend from childhood who seems to like pain a little more than a normal person should, this anime is sure to have you laughing.

Hilarious scenes to note.  The battle in front of the girls locker room window, delinquents playing a board game about space porn magazines, and some cross dressing hilarity.

The two rival Game Creation Clubs

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