Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Japanese Spring Festival and Tea Ceremony

So on Sunday April 26, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending the Japanese Spring Festival at the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens.  It was a great experience for those who want to experience a slice of Japanese culture, right here in Texas.  They had booths of all kinds, origami, hair clips, traditional festival games, kanji writing, fish painting, bonsai tree sales, and great demonstrations!

Also myself and some of my groupmates even got to be part of the traditional Tea Ceremony. It was a really good experience.

Here are pictures and captions of our fun adventure at the Japanese Gardens.

The first thing we do at the ceremony is have a sweet before we have the tea to offset the bitterness of the tea. Above: the sweet is being offered to the person next to you before you have the sweet yourself.
We all have a piece of sweet ready to eat while the hostess makes the tea.
Making the tea for the guests
Above: Holding the tea with our right hand, pick it up, rotate the cup and drink, if you enjoy the tea, a compliment is paid to the tea maker.  After the tea has been consumed, we examined our tea cup and thanked the host for the delicious tea.

The Iaido, Jodo, Karate The Dojo, Denton, TX show us their swordsmanship
The Iaido, Jodo, Karate The Dojo, Denton, TX, shows us the art of Jodo
The Iaido, Jodo, Karate The Dojo, Denton, TX, demonstrate Karate
The Sakura Dance Group performs a traditional dance with fans
The Sakura Dance Group and friends dance a festival dance in a circle

The Zen Garden

the lovely scenery at the gardens

Beautiful scenery of the tea house

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