Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gaby's Review: Ore Monogatari/My Story

A tale of unlikely love, Ore Monogatari translated as My Story just started airing in Japan about a month ago. So far its super sweet about a guy named Takeo, he is very large and very strong towers above everyone else in his class. Always has crushes on the cutest girls but the girls always fall for his good looking friend yet unsensitive friend Sunakawa.
One day he saves a girl named Yamato on the train for a pervert, and she is so grateful she beings to make him cakes, and asks for his email, and makes friends with him right away.  Takeo thinking that she likes Sunakawa decides to cheer her on because she is so sweet.   Little does he know that Yamato might not have a crush on Sunakawa afterall...

This is a cute story of unlikely love so far its been very sweet, I just watched the latest episode on simulcast and it looks like there may be a little more to the story.  I will surely be keeping an eye on this story.I recommend it if you like adorable shoujo romcom.

Sunakawa and Takeo are childhood friends, they walk home together every day.
Yamato says thank you to Takeo after thwarting the pervert on the train.
Sunakawa and Takeo enjoy Yamato's sweets that she baked as a thank you.

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