Monday, December 7, 2015

Anime North Texas 2015: Aftermath

by Gaby

This year Anime North Texas was at a new location at the historic Hilton Fort Worth in Downtown Fort Worth, TX.  It was actually a really good turnout with over 100% growth since last year, I believe the final numbers showed over 2,000 registered guests for the convention, which is pretty good considering this is newer three day convention.

The panel selection was so, so, from what I saw it was pretty decent.  There were at least 3 specific panels you could go to throughout the day, small but full dealers room, artist area, and even a maid cafe.

I actually volunteered in the maid cafe and I gotta say it was really great! The deal for the maid cafe was pretty swell too, $10 got you a bowl or your choice of ramen, a canned drink (green tea, milk tea, or Japanese coffee), and a pastry for dessert! Plus you got to hang out with the maids, play games, enjoy dances, and socialize!

I didn't get to take too many pictures since I was out volunteering with the maids, but this being my first time volunteering at a convention was pretty good!  The only thing is that if you do volunteer at cons, you really have to be there because you want to volunteer, not because you want a free badge.  The majority of my day was taken up by my actual event that I was volunteering for, so I didn't get to roam around the convention during the day at all.  However I did enjoy it because it was fun getting to hang out with a bunch of people at the maid cafe!

Here are a few pictures from ANT2015.

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