Monday, December 7, 2015

Why One Punch Man is Great!

by Gaby

One Punch Man has become a really big hit in Japan and so I decided to check it out. Watching the first episode I could already see this anime was certainly different than your usual hero anime.
Where in most stories the hero struggles with their opponent for sometimes multiple episodes, One Punch Man answers the question, "What if the hero was too strong?"

Saitama was an unemployed salary man when he saved a big chinned kid from a lobster monster, from that moment on he decided to train to become a hero, he trained so hard that his hair fell out and became so strong that now has ability to defeat anyone with just one punch.  However, he wishes there was more thrill in it, so he's a bit bored with just finishing opponents off in one punch.

The series isn't all just seriousness, there is a lot of comedy in this anime, how some of these monsters get defeated, or they surrender, and they best not ramble, Saitama likes things summarized in 20 words or less! 

If you haven't started watching One Punch Man, then do so! It's currently the #1 anime in Japan and every day gaining more audience.  Watch the greatness of Saitama and his follower Genos as they register to become recognized heroes, fight genetically enhanced creatures, and still make it on time for the Saturday sale at the supermarket!  Here are some screenshots to get you a little familiar with the show.

Knocks out opponents with just one punch

That was too usual

Genos, a cyborg hero, wants to be Saitama's disciple.
No time for games, this hero has shopping to do!!!

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