Friday, January 8, 2016

First Blog of 2016! New Year Resolutions!

by Gaby

It is 2016,  yay we survived to see another year! Time for resolutions and planning all out all the conventions to go to this year!  To me 2015 was a rollercoaster of a year, lots of good anime that year, of course the top of the charts was One Punch Man, even the people I introduced that show to really ended up liking it!

Here are 10 new things Otaku can learn or look forward to this year...think of it as a new years resolutions type of thing if you want!

1. List out all the new anime you are expecting and make plans to watch them!

2. Plan out and start budgeting for what conventions to go to this year, lets try to at least go to half of the ones we really really want to go to!  Or if you are really on a budget...try at least one major con and 2 or 3 smaller one day cons. ^_^

3. Start building your cosplay! Or at least start planning it and shopping for it!

4. Learn a new otaku trade! Whether its learning to make video games, learning Japanese, or even just learning how to properly use chopsticks or make tea!

5.  Learn to make a traditional Japanese food or sushi...or any food in my case...yes I am a horrible cook.

6. Get the courage to do that one thing at the convention that you were too scared to last year, for example, if you were too shy to participate in a contest or a group event.

7. Meet at least 1 other Otaku every month! Or if you are really not very social one new Otaku friend this year!!!

8.  Learn a new anime opening or ending song with lyrics and everything by memory!!!

9. Try learning a new Japanese phrase at least once per month! and by the end of the year you will at least know 12 phrases!

10. Don't be afraid to try new things! Like a new food, a new store, or a new restaurant!

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