Sunday, June 19, 2016

Neko Neko Maid & Host Club at A-Kon 27

by Gaby

So while at A-Kon 27, I checked out a sneak peak at the Neko Neko Maid and Host Club.  What is a Maid and Host Club you might ask?  Highly popular in Japan, Maid and Host Clubs are like small cafes where clients come in to hang out with the maids and hosts, its like a mini escape from reality, customers are entertained by the lovely hosts and maids that play board games, card games, sing songs, and dance.

The Neko Neko Maid Cafe did a good job entertaining the guests, they have at least one maid per table, having fun with guests as they played card games or board games.  The maids are very cute, with positive bouncy attitudes!  If you want a cute picture with the maid or maids of your choice, they offer take home Polaroid portraits that the maids decorate all cutesey.

The partiuclar show I got a sneak peak at was just a regular show but it included a lunch buffet, they also have a lot of themed shows, like magical girl theme, or Neko Neko Academy.
If you want to have a maid cafe experience without leaving the country, check to see if Neko Neko Maid and Host Club will be at a convention near you, or if you would like to audition to be part of the Neko Neko crew go to

Check out the sneak peek reel and pics below! 

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