Thursday, August 4, 2016

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? Review

by Gaby

Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta or "And you Thought There is Never a Girl Online? Is one of the trending anime today, it really seems that virtual reality game type of anime have really taken off. This particular anime, is about a group of students in high school who know each other in the online game "Legendary Age." The main male protagonist, Hideki Nishimura,  decides to have his online gaming character, "Rusian," take a wife in the game, so he declares his love for a character named NekoHime, but is brutally shot down when NekoHime tells him that she is actually a man in real life and cannot accept.  Nishimura swears off online marriage until one day a character named Ako declares hers love for him and he decides to give it another go with the mentality that it's just a game so it doesn't really matter in real life if the player is a man or a woman. 

One day the other members in Nishimura's (Rusian's) guild, including his wife, Ako, decide to meet up outside of the game in real life.   Nishimura is shocked when he realizes that not only are the people in his guild in the same high school as he is, but they are all girls! 

The main plot of this anime is basically about Ako, and how she can't exactly distinguish reality from the game.  It's slightly annoying actually because she keeps calling everyone by their game name at school, even when they don't want to be called that.  So the guild members establish a club to help Ako differentiate between real life and game life.   

There is a lot of fan service in this anime if you are into that kind of stuff, you may like it.  At the beginning of the show you see that there seem to be male members in the guild but once they reveal that the characters in the game were male but the actual players are female, they are portrayed as female for the rest of the anime, and some with very skimpy outfits (student council president has a very revealing outfit). 

It't not bad though, it got my attention, it has some fantasy and adventure aspects, some romance, and some regular slice of life. I think its a really good blend of everything.  Overall I think I would recommend it if you are into either one of those genres. You can catch this series under recently updated on Funimation!

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