Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Favorite Deus Ex Heroes

by Dwreck Johnson 
A Deus Ex Hero in a series is a character who often shows up only to solve a problem too big for the regular characters. They are insanely more powerful than the other heroes, often times completely broken, and I love them!

This is not to be confused with a normal or main character, these characters often show up only to help the writer get their characters out of situations when they don't have a better way to them through danger. Many times though these characters exist purely for the enjoyment of the artist and fans.

Here is a list of some of my favorite Deus Ex Heroes:

Levi (Attack on Titan): Levi is a character from Attack on Titan a popular horror anime/manga where giant zombie like creatures called "Titans" have taken over most of Earth. He is known as the "Hope of humanity". His combat skills far surpass any other humans in the show which is often seen through his almost inhuman 3d maneuver gear movements.

The Skull Knight (Berserk):The Skull Knight is a character we still don't have the full story on but is amazing enough already. He somehow exists inside and outside of time and has a great arsenal of magic weapons. He is even strong enough to fight and defeat demon apostles. The best parts of the Berserk manga wouldn't even exist if not for The Skull Knight since he saved Guts from the eclipse and later gave him the berserk armor.

Gildarts (Fairy Tail): Gildarts is the strongest wizard in the Fairy Tail guild and possibly his whole continent.With powerful destruction magic his power makes most enemies attacks completely useless. His great power has even brought other heroes to feel helpless and intimidated before while in its presence. You can be sure that when Gildarts shows up that FT is about to win the fight.

Escanor (The Seven Deadly Sins): Escanor is my personal favorite at the moment. The last and most powerful member of the Sins to be introduced you wont even see him the existing anime. Those who read the manga will see that Escanor is reminding us all what the real meaning of B.A.M.F is. Escanor's solar powered strength is directly related to the time of day making him weak and useless at midnight, and nigh unstoppable at noon.

Well that's it for my list. Who are some of your favorite Deus Ex Heroes? Mention them or any other comments in the the section below.

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