Monday, August 31, 2015

Con Survival Guide!

So I decided to make a video about this subject. So Those who are new to anime or comic conventions can check this out, or if you just want a general reminder if you  haven't been to cons in a while.

I have written down the tips as well, the video will go further into detail.

1.       Plan ahead:
a.       Work out your budget for everything including
                                                               i.      Hotel
                                                             ii.      Badge cost
                                                            iii.      Food
                                                           iv.      Dealers room
2.       Plan Your Company:
a.       Who are you going to the con with?
b.      If you are new to cons, go with people you know first, do not go with strangers.
3.       Cosplay Ready?
a.       If you are building or ordering your cosplay make sure you have plenty of time.
b.      Fitting
c.       Props
4.       Scheduling:
a.       Ask off work, plan if you have school.
b.      Familiarize yourself with the floorplan
c.       Look at any schedules of events if they are available
5.       Packing:
a.       Make a list of everything you need to pack for the con
b.      Make sure you pack your cosplay
c.       Pack your money
d.      Confirm your rides and hotels
e.      Pack food.  The restaurants near the con are usually pricey.
6.       Convention etiquette.
a.       Be nice and courteous around the convention with other guests and with staff
b.      Be kind to the “normals” who aren’t there for the con.
c.       Do not trash the hotel. Leave a good impression so that the hotel allows the con there again.
d.      Make sure you practice cleanliness. As in take a shower and wear deodorant.
e.      Do not take a cosplayer’s picture without their permission.
f.        Arrive to your panels early because they will most likely get full.
7.       Plan for Emergencies.
a.       Have a way to contact everyone in your parties.
b.      Know all of your emergency contacts
c.       Have a first aid kit in your room in case of small emergencies
d.      The con usually has a medic area in case or emergencies.
e.      Stay hydrated. You do not want to faint from dehydration.
8.       Have Fun!

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