Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Crossover Cosplay

by Gaby

So I had seen an image of this figure floating around the internet, it was a collectible figure of Bulma dressed in One Piece Luffy's outfit. 
Turns out this is part of a somewhat rare figure collection of crossovers with One Piece and Dragonball Z. 

I decided I was gonna go ahead and do the crossover cosplay, I was Bulma a few months ago for the A-Kon convention, so this was going to be super simple, as all I had to do was get Luffy clothes. 

And it turns out that Luffy clothes are really easy to obtain!

  • -I cut some jeans and rolled them up
  • -I found a red button up shirt and cut off the sleeves and folded the fabric so that it resembles a V neckline.  (don't forget the yellow buttons)
  • - I found a straw hat at the dollar store and added red ribbon around it.

and Voila, easy cosplay! 

Now just to add the blue hair and a Dragonball hanging from a belt loop for reference for those who might not get it. 

My final look on my cosplay.

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