Thursday, May 19, 2016


by Gaby

It is two weeks before the biggest anime convention in Texas, A-Kon, you may either be getting super excited, or be panicking.  Don't worry this is supposed to be fun, don't panic!
Here is a bit of a checklist for you to start thinking about so that your convention experience is fun!

So what do you need to check 2 weeks out into the con?

1.  ONLINE COSPLAY ORDERS: If you need to order something you may have forgotten online then do so, but I highly suggest using expediated shipping or if you have Amazon Prime same day delivery.  Some things may be easy to obtain like small accessories or props, but if you are looking for certain collectible cosplay pieces or wigs that come from Japan, you may be cutting it to close and may have to start thinking of a plan B in case your items don't arrive on time.

2.  PACKING THE SUITCASE :  Ok some people may say it may be too early but I don't think so, if you are big into cosplaying and your cosplay is ready and done, don't be afraid to start placing it in or near the suitcase.  You can also start packing things you will not need until the convention like wigs, or bobby pins that you may need for the wigs, cosplay shoes, USB drives that you plan to take, Swap meet items you plan to swap, and stuff like that.

3. MAKE THE LIST:  Yes make a packing list of stuff that you will need to pack and place it by or in your suitcase, once stuff starts getting packed then you can eliminate it off the list.   And this includes toiletries, hair straightener, brushes, underwear, etc.

4. SEWING KIT:  Pack one. If you cosplay you will want one.  If you are done making adjustments on your cosplay, just pack one. 

5. SCHEDULES: By now A-Kon has already released the convention schedule.  In order to avoid being overwhelmed with tons of activities, I highly suggest looking at the schedule early and figuring out what panels you are interested.   I like to print out an hourly planner page for each day and write down the panels I will be going to or that I am interested in that happen at that time.  You can get printable planners at or you can google "blank printable planners" to find one that best suits you.

6. REHEARSALS:  I am going to throw in this last checklist, make sure you rehearse anything, if you are competing in a competition like a singing competition or a cosplay skit contest start getting all the final details ironed out.  2 Weeks before the con your routine should be pretty well set. You never know if something happens within those last two weeks that prevents you and your cosplay team to not be able to do last minute practices, so just go ahead and make sure you are ready two weeks prior. This should just be last minute touch ups by now.

7. DON'T STRESS:  I am so guilty of stressing over things that are not in my control, but remember the convention is for you to have fun, its a getaway from reality so just have some fun! If you are worried about your package in the mail, don't worry about it, there is nothing you can do, that's why I said before to have a plan B so don't stress.  Keep your cool and jam out to some fun anime songs while you wait for the badge pickup line to open!

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