Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One Week till A-Kon 27!!!

by Gaby

I made a quick video about what I am currently doing one week before A-Kon 27...I know I'm probably going to end up scrambling.

I think the best note here is to seriously plan out your schedule.

So...Dallas has two major nerd conventions scheduled on the same weekend. 

I have been hearing a lot of stories about people who are upset that Fan Expo is the same weekend as A-Kon, well unfortunately it is what it is.  For me, I am all about the anime, so I will be at A-kon 100% of the time, but if you are going to be balancing time between Fan Expo and A-Kon this is where those schedule planners come into play. has really good make yourself planners that you can plug in your own hours and make your own slots for what times you want to do what.

I like to either highlight or bold the things that I can't miss and then either pencil in or lightly write in other things that may be of interest but is not a big deal if I miss.


A-Kon's new TICKET POLICY:  Show up at the large panels that require tickets an hour early to receive a ticket, this ticket will guarantee that you get into the panel without having to wait in a long line that takes up space in the hallway.

PANELS DO FILL UP: so have a backup plan or something else prepared in case you sadly do not get into the panel you want to see.  Sad story but it happens sometimes.

See you there! 

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