Friday, May 20, 2016

My Hero Academia Is My New Hero!

Go Beyond! Plus ultra! 

A great new catch phrase for a great new anime. On July 7th of 2014 a new manga appeared on the pages of weekly Shonen Jump "Boku no Hīrō Akademia" or as it would come to be known later "My Hero Academia". This superhero based shonen manga started picking new fans in a mighty storm like something out its very pages, and on October 29th, 2015 Anime News Network announced that My Hero would receive an anime series produced by Studio Bones.

On April 3, 2016 the first episode of the anime aired and was met with great enthusiasm not just in Japan but in America as well with Funimation Entertainment announcing that they would be licencing the series in March 2016 and even held a live stream event to premier what they called "The next big thing in anime" where they streamed the series premiere in Japan.

So what is that makes this new Anime so fantastic? My Hero Academia follows the events of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya (sometimes called "Deku") who lives in a world full of heroes with amazing powers. In this world Human kind has changed to were it is common for people to develop strange powers at a young age called "quirks". Following this change many of these people choose to try to become heroes or villains, who can use their powers to accomplish amazing feats. 

The greatest of these heroes being a man known as All Might (Seen Above) who has a strong resemblance to western superheros such as Superman or Captain Marvel. Midoriya has admired heroes, especially All Might most of all, since he can remember and has lived his life with the dream of becoming a hero himself. However those dreams take a heavy hit when Midoriya becomes old enough to get his quirk and then finds out that he doesn't have one and never will. Despite this though Midoriya does not give up on his dream of being a hero and is determined to continue the journey of becoming a hero even if he doesn't have any powers. Eventually a breath of fresh air is breathed into midoriya's dream when through a chance encounter he meets his hero All Might and discovers he truly can become a hero.

Above is a clip for the Funimation broadcast English dub, I encourage you check out this astonishing new series. My hero Academia  is the story of what it truly means to be a hero and the struggle to overcome adversity, which is a story every reader can relate to. As I write this there are currently 8 episodes of the My Hero anime and I have no doubts that the fandom of this series will continue grow with every passing episode.

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