Friday, November 11, 2016

American Made, Otaku Embraced Top 5!

by Gaby

Being that today is an American holiday, Veteran's Day, I decided to give kudos to some American "anime" type shows or movies that are very popular around the general anime community!
Take a break from some Japan shows today and embrace American shows like the ones below!
These are just a few, there are many others but here is a quick top 5.  I based my list off of what I  have seen popular at anime conventions, cosplay, panels, and people talking about these series.

Top 5 American Made,
Otaku Embraced

5. Adventure Time
Take a look at the characters in the image above and tell me how many times you have seen these being cosplayed at cons?  A lot! The Adventure Time series on Cartoon Network gained a huge ray of fans especially the con goers.  Very simplistic cosplay also made it really easy to cosplay these characters.  Inspired by D&D, Adventure time was sure to be a hit with the nerd/otaku community, and it sure was!

4. Steven Universe
 Another popular choice for Otaku has been Steven Universe! Emmy Award nominated and cititically aclaimed for its design, music, voice acting, characterization and its sci-fi world building, its easy to see why Steven Universe has gained a huge fandom. Plus cosplaying the main character on here is not that hard. 

3. Avatar the Last Airbender
Primetime Emmy Award winner, as well as critically aclaimed by audiences and critics.  The Last Airbender became one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows in the mid 2000s, even spawning a sequel series, Legend of Korra.  Avatar the Last Airbender was so popular that it even had a live action move...but lets not talk about that one.  Getting back to the Nickelodeon show, ask any Otaku and they can most certainly vouch for this show, I haven't met a con-goer who hasn't at least heard of this show.

2. Teen Titans
Oh my dear Teen Titans, I am talking about the original Teen Titans no the butchered mess that's currently on TV.  Glen Murakami's Teen Titans, based on the DC Comics characters, was a huge hit on Cartoon Network when it aired back in 2003-2006, and people still embrace this show dearly. With a lot of anime-esque scenarios, themes, and Puffy Ami Yumi doing the main Teen Titans theme song, this series spoke to many American anime fans all over the states. Great cosplay was popping up everywhere and it even got people to become a fan of DC comics, heck it got me into super heroes in general!

1. Disney
Of course I can't leave out America's most beloved  cartoons since our grandparents! Disney of course! Whether its Disney Princesses, Disney Heroes, or the newest Disney movie cosplay, there is always some form of Disney that American Otaku love.  Don't forget its Disney's original animation that isnspired a lot of what anime is today, with the big eyes and the expression on the characters. We love Disney for everything that it is!
Want to learn more about how Walt Disney influenced anime? Check out this great article here.

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