Saturday, November 26, 2016

Winter Cosplay for the Cold Cosplayer.

by Gaby

Now that the weather outside is becoming more frightful. There are still plenty of cold weather conventions to head to, but what are some good cosplay that are good for the cold weather? I am going to aim this towards female cosplay since they always seem to be lacking in the coverage department in most cases. When I looked on forums at what people had suggested for winter cosplay, most of the answer were guy characters, like Edward Elric, his outfit is nice because he wears a big red jacket, so does Vash the Stampede, or a bunch of other male characters that wear jackets and long sleeves, that's gonna be a lot, I mean like most of the male school uniforms are usually long sleeves, while girls freeze their booties off in skirts...yes they wear leggings I know... lets cut to the chase and list off some cold weather friendly female cosplay!

So ladies and gentleman here are some female cosplay outfits that are great for the winter season!

TOP 5 Winter Female Cosplay

5.) Vocaloid Christmas Outfits! 

Probably not the warmest thing, but 'tis the season!  The guy Christmas outfits are of course going to be warmer because they are pants and a jacket. But ladies do not fear, Miku has this cute little cape that covers her shoulders, in other versions she also has arm sleeves, but I prefer the cape, coupled with some long sleeves and leggings underneath the outfit and you may be able to keep the cold winter chill off your back decently.

4.) Long Sleeves Cardcaptor Sakura 

 Cardcaptor Sakura has many adorable outfits, there is bound to be one that you can add sleeves to for a warmer look, or something like the above, the red long sleeves dress with black leggings. Not too bad for a chilly day!

3.) Rukia from Bleach

This cosplay can probably work in all seasons. Very simple really, the secret is layering.  Wear as many layers as you need to, to stay warm under this cosplay. The black robes will do a good job at masking whatever layers you got going on underneath.  Plus the tabi socks will keep your toes warmer than a cosplay with no socks at all.

2.) Anna from Frozen

When her sister froze over the land, Anna got very cold, its a good thing she was able to get her hands on some winter clothes! Like this stylish cape and some nice warm boots that kept her warm.  Very good choice when it looks like you might see some flurries.

1.) Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender

Katara also has an outfit for both warm and cold seasons, for the cold season, that blue jacket with the white puffy lining looks like it could keep someone mighty warm even during a blizzard! So if you are planning on being a cosplayer in the snow, this is probably the one you should go with.

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