Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Back into Otaku Culture!

by Gaby

Happy November everyone! I must apologize for my long absence since Anime Fest, I got really busy after that, took a bit of a breather and then BAM! I ended up in the emergency room with appendicitis right as I was about to move to a new city. Finally getting my life back into my normal Otaku life, and I am getting ready for Anime North Texas this month!

In preparation for ANT 2016 and the ANT Maid Cafe, I've been in a very kawaii dance mood! So I am going to do a top 5 countdown of the most popular Maid Cafe Kawaii Dances that are usually seen at a lot of the convention maid cafes. Of course like most of these dances are maid popular by the Vocaloid movement, so have you seen these dances? How about learning them? Try! its fun!
without further ado here is...

My Top 5 
Most Popular Maid Cafe Kawaii Dances! 

5. Hello How Are You? 

Super cute sounding, sounds like a sleepy girl waking up to a new day, and that's basically what it is.  It's a cute melody with words that basically ask many little questions that make you am I really, is everything ok? Can we expect more? 

4.  Nekomimi Switch 

A song about eating sweets and looking cute and dancing while wearing cat ears (Nekomimi) while its supposedly really hot outside and it makes you pant. LOL I love how these songs are just about cute things sometimes!

3. Viva Happy! 

A Hatsune Miku video that is very popular is Viva Happy and its got a great beat and very vibrant steps.   If you think the world is unfair and things have you feeling down, just remember Que Sera Sera and Viva Happy!

2. Mune Mune Kyun

I honestly didn't know how I could pick between 1 and 2 because they are both so popular of dances.  It just seems like maid cafes love dancing to songs about your heart going "kyun." Because "Kyun" is just so darn kawaii! The Dance itself is super upbeat and it makes you want to learn it right alongside them.

1. Happi Happi Morningu

I think Happi Happi Morningu is probably the most popular since it is basically about a maid waking up her master and just being a maid wishing the master well , making a special menu for master and just being the perfect maid! Heck I would love to wake up to a maid wishing me to have a happy morning with my breakfast ready and everything kawaii. ^0^  Perfect Service!

There you have some awesome Maid Cafe Dances! There are of course many more, perhaps I'll make another post of other cute kawaii dances in the future. Do let me know if you have other suggestions in the comments here or on Facebook or Twitter @PleaseAnime.

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