Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gaby's Top 3 Anime

by Gaby

So every once in a while I have people come up to me and ask me what my favorite anime are and if I can give them some recommendations.
Well to be totally honest, everyone has a different taste in stuff.  Just because its Anime doesn't mean its all the same.  There are different genre within anime. just like all your other genres in movies and television.
In Anime they may go a little more in depth on the genres. For example there is Romance, Comedy, Action, Horror, etc.  But you also can go into your other genres that are common to anime such as Harem, Hentai, Yaoi, Mecha, Magical Girl, Historial, Ecchi, Shounen, and the list goes on.

Personally for my taste, I like RomCom (Romance Comedy), Slice of Life, Action, History, Supernatural, and Sci-Fi, with your occasional good Mecha.

Here is my Top 3 List.

1.  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This series can be classified as a few things. Slice of Life, Supernatural, sometimes even RomCom.  What I really like  about this series is the title character, Haruhi Suzumiya.  She is seriously something else. This anime is told in a first person perspective from I suppose is our protagonist, Kyon. Kyon is basically our narrator and his inner thoughts are what we hear throughout the anime.  How the series starts is Kyon on the first day of high school ends up sitting in front of a rather peculiar girl who happens to be into aliens, time travelers, and espers.  Well, one day he actually decides to talk to her and from then on she forces Kyon to form a club where she can basically do whatever she wants. She forces members to join and just random crazy stuff happens. Little does Haruhi know that aliens, time travelers, and espers, may be a lot closer to her than she thinks.

Anyway I really enjoy Haruhi's character because of her outgoing personality, she is just fun to watch and anything she comes up with just either spells disaster or hilarity.  There are elements of supernatural in this anime, plus it seems like Haruhi might have a little crush on one of the characters so that's probably why they also classify this as RomCom.

2. Inuyasha

 Inuyasha takes place in "Feudal Japan," so basically think top knots, samurai, and shrine maidens etc.  BUT...it  also takes place in present Japan.  Yes a little confusing you might say but not really... Feudal Japan and Present Japan are connected through a magical well (a hole in the ground where people used to get water from).   This Magical Well happens to be at the Higurashi Shrine where a girl named Kagome lives, one day as she was looking for her cat she gets dragged into the well by a demon and ends up in transported to Feudal Japan.  Here she encounters all sorts of new things, including demons, and half demon Inuyasha who was bound to a tree.  Her presence there awakens Inuyasha and this is basically how all the trouble started.  Kagome apparently has a magical jewel that gets shattered all over Japan and then she and Inuyasha start a journey to find all the shards before all the evil demons find them and do evil things.

Why do I enjoy this show? Well because I used to watch it when I was in school and it brings back good times.  But also this series is great on its own, an epic adventure, where characters grow on you, friendship grows strong, and even some bad guys become good guys, I just like stories like that. Plus the romantic tension and love triangles in the story are hilarious.   Plenty of laughs, lots of adventure, you are always for a ride with Inuyasha.  I would classify this as Adventure with some Historical but not really because its a fictional history, and supernatural on the account of demons and jewel super powers.

3. School Rumble 

This show is really random but seriously hilarious and then you realize there really is a story line and you start liking the show even more.  Yep that's how it was for me. So it starts out with the first day of school as a lot of  High School Romance Comedies do. This is how it was explained to me when I first got into this series. Harima likes Tenma, but Tenma likes Karasuma, but Karasuma likes...uhm...food?  Yeah that's basically how it is.  Huge love triangle is the main driving force between this anime.  Harima is a delinquent  but he wants to be good for the sake of Tenma, the girl he rescued one day in middle school from some mean thugs. Tenma is your average dorky girl who has a crush on stoic Karasuma who is really plain looking and doesn't seem to have an interest in much.  The first few episodes are really random mostly about crazy things that these characters do to try to get the attention of their crush, its seriously hilarious.  But as the series continues, feelings get a little more complicated. we start seeing that the characters are actually developing, Harima has a dream of being a manga artist, Tenma really is love struck, her sister wants to get over being shy, and her friends also become involved in romantic feelings of their own.
I would most definitively classify this one as a romance comedy for sure.

Why I like this series, well its mostly because of that, the series starts off as a hilarious show that seems random, but as you get to know the characters you realize there is more, and it hooks you in and you end up really liking the characters.   I didn't expect to like this series as much as I did, but It really was great.

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