Thursday, September 10, 2015

#TBT Aishiteruze Baby!

By Gaby

Today for a #TBT Throwback Thursday, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about a series from 2004 called Aishiteruze Baby.
Yuzuyu is just so adorable!
 Original Run from April to October of 2004, Aishiteruze Baby is a series that revolves around a high school guy named Kippei Katakura.
Kippei, though a friendly guy, is also slightly a playboy type, where he flirts with the ladies, a bit more than the average high schooler. One day an aunt basically abandons her child Yuzuyu Sakashita at Kippei's home and he is basically told to watch after her and take care of Yuzuyu. Soon Kippei becomes a pretty good guardian and stops his flirty ways with the ladies.

Yes there is romance in this anime...

I love a good slice of life type of anime, I especially love some good romance. 

There is a girl in Kippei's class named Kokoro Tokunaga, at first she doesn't like him because he is a playboy but once she sees him be a guardian to Yuzuyu she warms up to him, and she also relates to Yuzuyu some since Kokoro lost her mother at a young age.

I definitively recommend this sentimental, beautiful slice of life, romance anime.   It is beautiful, heartwarming, and just leaves you with feels.

Opening Song:  "Sunny Side Up" by Yo Hitoto

Ending Song: "Nennensaisai Japanese Kanji available" by Yo Hitoto

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