Saturday, June 14, 2014

07 Ghost Review

07 Ghost
Directed By: Norihiro Takamoto
Studio: Studio Deen

Storyline (S) ******
Family Friendliness (FF) ********
Fanservice (F) *****
Cultural Hints (CH) **
This fantasy anime is about Teito Klein, who used to be a slave but was able to become a student at the Barsburg Empire’s academy. Right before his graduation exam he overhears some unexpected truths about his past. He was caught eavesdropping and was sent to prison only to be freed by his best friend. 

Now that he’s an escaped convict, Teito must find a way to rescue his friend while being sheltered by the Ghosts and the church. While he’s there the boy learns more about The Eye of Mikhael and why it made him a target of the empire to begin with.

The storyline makes sure to have its fillers without straying too much from the main plot. The anime also treats us to episodes that focus on character development. 

There’s something for everyone depending on your tastes. Something for the adventurer, animal lover, shipper, and the list goes on. That means that you can watch it with the whole family if you wanted to.
Depending on what you’re looking for, there are bits of fanservice all through the anime. And no, it doesn’t have any boob-butt fanervice. >.< (And to you BL fans, the relationships are not canon sorry.)

This anime is of the fantasy genre so… no Japanese culture references. It does, however, have some religious themes even though the religion is fictional (I think).

I love how hope and friendship are strong themes throughout the series. It makes this show a general feel good anime.

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