Sunday, June 8, 2014

A-Kon 25! Another great year!

All right so A-Kon 25....a quarter of a century of a great anime convention! Again this year it was at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas from June 6th-June 8th. Yay fandom!
This is all in my opinion of course but personally I thought the con was great!  They did a really good job with line flow this year, registration was crammed all in one ballroom so they didn't get in the way of dealers room line so that was a plus in my eyes.  It seemed like the line wait was not that bad, and they did a really good job of counting max capacities of rooms in order to oblige by safety regulations.
All in all staff was great, hotel staff was nice, food could have been better, but thank you Kon Suite! ;-)
Here are some pics!

Black Butler cosplay
Ani-Idol winners!


Jarreth the Goblin King from Jim Henson's The Labyrinth

Final Fantasy

Sailor Moon/Disney Princess cross

Furries, gotta have 'em right?
FairyTail Cosplay
Attack on Titan cosplay
Pokemon cosplayers.  the originals , Ash and Misty!

Marty McFly with a hover board! HECK YES!

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