Thursday, June 26, 2014

Romeo x Juliet Review

Romeo X Juliet
Written By: Reiko Yoshida
Directed By: Fumitoshi Oizaki
Studio: Gonzo

Storyline (S) *********
Family Friendliness (FF) *******
Fanservice (F) ****
Cultural Hints (CH) **

Enjoy the story you had to read in high school in a whole new light. Romeo X Juliet is based on Shakespeare's famous play with a twist of fantasy. In Neo Verona the Montagues and Capulets share their home. Tragedy has led Juliet, the last living member of House Capulet to live in hiding. While attending a ball hosted by the Montegues, Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time and fall in love. However, as the bond between these two lovers strengthens, loyal members who serve House Capulet want to overthrow House Montegue. In the meantime Leontes, Romeo's father, wants to destroy any threats with any means necessary. If these challenges are not resolved, tragedy is sure to strike.

The storyline is not going to follow the play word for word. In fact, within the first 10 minutes in the anime the fates of the Capulets are completely changed. I would like to explain more but it would spoil the surprise. Be aware that this story has three things in common with the original play: Romeo and Juliet, people dying, and poetic lines that are beautifully spoken.

The worst that can happen in the anime is the occasional dark theme. This anime is rated PG so I'm pretty sure it is possible to enjoy with the whole family. Watching the anime can also help out you students who are currently reading the play. ;)

Fanservice is always different from one person to another. If you want romance and tragedy, it's definitely there. Naughty fanservice... not so much. Since the anime is of the fantasy genre, there will be no noticeable hints of Japanese culture. Although there is a bit of a medieval feel to the anime despite the dragon steeds and 

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