Monday, June 30, 2014

Golden Time Review

Light Novel/Manga written by: Yuyuko Takemiya

Anime Directed by: Chiaki Kon

Anime written by: Fumihiko Shimo

Studio: J.C.Staff

Story line (S) ******

Family Friendliness (FF) *******

Fan service (F) **

Cultural Hints (CH) ******

Draw (D) ******

When some people go to college they consider it a new chapter in their life. In this series Tada Banri takes it to another level and starting a new book. Tada is a freshmen studying law at a private university in Tokyo where he finds new friendships and love in this slice of life series. This series doesn't push the envelop much when it comes to fan service in my opinion; very generally accepted series.

I break this series into 3 major parts. First being Introductions, second being introductions of a conflict, and third being resolution of the conflict. Majority of the events in the first 1/3 of the series are fairly common events that happen to freshmen in colleges around the world, so its highly believable. Making friends, club invitations, hazing, and classes.

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