Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Anime Review

Written By: Ryo Higaki
Directed By: Tsutomu Mizushima
Studio: P.A. Works

Storyline (S) ********
Family Friendliness (FF) **
Fanservice (F) *******
Cultural Hints (CH) *****

In a town called Yomiyama, a middle school girl from class 3-3 passes away during the school year. Despite her death, the students said that she was still alive. The teachers and students kept up the act all the way till graduation. Then, 26 years later, 15-year-old Koichi Sakakibara transfers to the same class. He later meets a girl named Mei Misaki, who is almost non-existent to the rest of the class. After horrific events occur, it is clear to everyone in class 3-3 that they shouldn't "talk about what doesn't exist."

The storyline has the perfect setting for a horror anime. Gives some background and even a preview of everything you will see throughout the series. There isn't too much I can mention because it may spoil the surprises. Just be prepared for suspecting every character in the anime.

Blood will definitely be seen in this anime so watch out you queasy people. XD
This anime almost has the same amount of bloodshed as Attack on Titan. One big difference is noticed on the level of censorship. As brutal as AOT is, you never actually saw the details of protruding bones and guts. You're more likely to see that stuff in Another.

The cultural hints aren't very present unless if you focus on the setting. The story takes place in a Japanese town and the school uniforms give that feel by default. If you were hoping for a slice of life feel through the anime there won't be much of it. Although it doesn't really matter since the suspense will always keep you entertained through the end.

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