Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Attack on Titan Part 2: End of the World Review

by Gaby

Forget everything you know about the anime that was made popular in Japan, Attack on Titan.  Now once you get that out of your head then you can watch Attack on Titan part II End of the World.
How I would describe this movie would be...someone made a fan fiction with Attack on Titan characters, threw in a couple of their own characters, changed the plot a bit, and ta da! You get Attack on Titan: End of the World.
I was hearing a lot of mumbling in the audience, mostly "What the F###?," and "Are you serious?!" and of course "That didn't happen!" 

So yes this movie totally flopped in Japan and it probably made less than the first in the US as well because...well when I went to the theater there were way less people at the showing of this movie than the first. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you plan to see it then you can stop here, if you don't mind spoilers keep reading. I am basically going to tell you what happened in the whole movie because it does not follow the anime AT ALL.

This movie starts off recalling what happened in the first film, basically doing a 90 second snipped of everything that happened in the first movie.  After this we see a flashback scene of Eren as a child being injected with some fluid by his father. Then some people come and take away his parents and burn the house to the ground while he escapes through a hidden passageway.

Take back forward to when Eren is captured, tied up, and iterrogated  by Kubal one of the heads of the military.  Right when Souda was about to speak up and reveal a bunch of truths he is killed by Kubal and then out of nowhere the armored Titan shows up and snatches up Eren.

Next we see Eren with Shikishima (The guy who seemed to have replaced Levi in the first movie)
Shikishima revealing truths to Eren
and this is where it starts getting weird. Shikishima starts telling Eren things that Titans are human people that the government had experimented with and that's what lead to the decline of humanity, and that Kubal and the government are using the Titans as a means to keep fear in people and basically rule over everyone with fear. So he wants to take the last bomb that they have and break down the inner walls with it...
Meanwhile the rest of Eren's friends are out with their leader Hanji looking for the last bomb so that they can blow up a part of the outer wall to fill in the main hole that the Titans are getting in from. so basically blast a piece of wall to plug up the hole in the wall caused by the colossal Titan. it was getting really crazy, the Scout regiment is revealed to be a bunch of people who are followers of Shikishima's crazy thoughts, and when they run into Hanji and her team more stuff blows up and more people die by guns and explosions rather than by being eaten by Titans.

There was hardly any human on Titan battling going on in this one. In fact I don't think I saw a single person being eaten by a Titan in this part of the movie.

But we do have a Titan on Titan battle, with Eren fighting Shikishima both in Titan form, Eren wanting to use the bomb to fix the outer wall and Shikishima wanting the bomb to explode the inner wall.   Eren ends up pulling a move he used against Jean from the first movie to be victorious in this battle.

Titan on Titan Battle
Then as they are about to use the bomb to plug up the hole...the identity of the Colossal Titan is revealed as being Kubal, he transforms and tries to thwart their plans then Shikishima out of nowhere ends up coming back and taking the bomb and using it to destroy Kubal as the colossal titan which ends up exploding and fixing the wall to where the hole gets covered up.

The story ends with Eren and Mikasa standing on top of the wall looking out into a destroyed city by the ocean...who would have known that there is a destroyed city by the ocean right outside the gate.

Very crazy movie indeed. I can't really say I liked it but It was not the worst thing I have ever seen. It ended well, it had a happy ending I suppose, but a lot of stuff was left out and it did not follow Attack on Titan anime at all. Hence why I call it, someone's action fanfiction brought to life on the big screen. 

Do I recommend you see it? Not really, unless you want to see somewhat of a what if type of story...

What if Levi wasn't in the picture?
What if the plot was different?
What if Eren was a different character?
What if the military was hiding titans because they were titans?

Stuff like that basically.

Oh but I was glad that Sasha (Potato girl) didn't die. She and Hanji were the best characters. Sashi being the comic relief in the first movie and Hanji being the comic relief in this one. 
Mikasa rescuing Eren from the explosion of the bomb...amazing that no debris hit them at all.

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