Monday, October 12, 2015

Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu San) Review

by Gaby

First you may need a little background info before you start watching this or else it might leave you with some questions.  The original Osomatsu anime is called Osomatsu -Kun and it aired during the Showa period in Japan, in this anime the Matsuno sextuplets are grade school kids.

Osomatsu-Kun characters
Osomatsu San begins when the Showa era Matsuno sextuplets have learned that their anime has been picked
up again and they are worried that their Showa era jokes will not be up to par to today's modern anime. So then the anime suddenly becomes re-imagined with the sextuplets being a teen idol group of 6 brothers at a high school, each one with bishounen qualities, that the ladies totally swoon over.

This re-imagining suddenly goes out of control with a ton of modern anime parodies including Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Naruto, etc.   Finally the brothers
The Bishounen re-imagined Matsuno sextuplets
have decided that its too much and return to their Showa era selves and wait around for 10 years until the anime finally starts as how it will look for the series one minute until it finishes.

From what I can tell. This anime will be leaning more on the random comedy side.  The second episode deals with the boys looking for a job.

Definetly check out at least the first episode it was absolutely hilarious!

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