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Please!Anime's Top 10 Anime Shows for Halloween

By Jenny

October is finally here! Time to play some Nightmare Before Christmas music and collect the good candy for ourselves. This is also a good time to gather your friends and watch some anime that will help get the Halloween mood going. Here is Please!Anime's top 10 anime shows for Halloween. The list applies to both old and new versions of any of the series, such as Hellsing and Higurashi. We also made sure to add in some lighter anime as well for you otakus who get queasy at the sight of guts.

1. Hellsing

The organization known as Hellsing specializes in destroying the undead or other evil supernatural forces that threaten the queen and the country. It is owned and run by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who inherited the business from her late father. She is protected by her butler Walter C. Dornez, a vampire named Alucard, and former police officer Seras Victoria.

2. Another

In 1972 a girl named Misaki attended Yomiyama North Middle School in class 3-3. She was a bright girl who was a great role model and was adored by everyone. Shortly after starting the 9th grade she suddenly passed away, but the students and teachers behaved as if she was still alive. Fast forward 26 years later when a boy named Koichi transfers into the school. He notices that there is a girl in the back row named Mei Misaki who the class seems to ignore. After realizing the connection between class 3-3 and the mysterious deaths of classmates and their relatives, it is up to Koichi and Mei to figure out how to prevent a curse from killing them.

3. Soul Eater

Death Weapon Meister Academy is a place where people can go to learn how to become a weapon or a weapon wielder (aka meister) to get rid of evil human souls. The school is run by none other than Shinigami, also known as Death. Each team of meisters and weapons are unique and they use their skills to reach their goal of absorbing 99 evil humans and one witch. If they succeed, this will dramatically raise the power of weapons and make them capable of being used by Shinigami as a Death Scythe.

4. Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama is a high school student who loves to tell ghost stories with her friends. When she explored a presumably haunted building, she is saved from a falling bookcase by a man named Lin, who worked for the Psychic Research center (SPR). In the process Mai accidentally breaks some of their equipment, and now she has to work for the business to pay off her debts. She and Kazuya Shibuya work together for the SPR to figure out cases involving ghosts.

5. King of Thorn

This is a survivor story involving a terrifying virus called Medusa. It petrifies a person's body and kills them within 12 hours of the first sign of infection. Because of the dangers of the virus, 160 people were chosen by Venus Gate to be cryogenically frozen for a hundred years in the hopes of using that time to find a cure against the virus. Unfortunately something goes wrong and the characters wake up in what looks like a post-apocalyptic future. The survivors must now fight to stay alive and figure out what happened when they were asleep.

6. Higurashi When they Cry

The anime is based off a sound novel of the same name. In June 1983, Keiichi Maebara moves into a rural village called Hinamizawa. He becomes friends with classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. The town and it's people seem very normal and everything remains peaceful until after the annual Watanagashi (or Cotton Drifting) Festival. The celebration is meant to commemorate and thank the local god named Oyashiro. Keiichi later discovers that every year for the past four years a person is murdered and another goes missing after the festival. As the characters' secrets are revealed in different story arcs, it is up to the viewer to figure out what is happening in the tiny village.

7. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Kamishibai (paper drama) is a traditional method of storytelling in Japan. In this anime, a masked man visits a playground every week at 5:00 p.m. with a kamishibai. He tells the children ghost stories that are based on Japanese myths and urban legends.

8. Gegege no Kitaro

This show is based on a manga series that was created in 1960 and has a new adaption every few years (so far there are 6). The story follows Kitaro, a yokai boy who is one of the last living members of the Ghost Tribe. He and his friends fight to keep the peace between humans and yokai.

9. Hell Girl

It is said that there is a supernatural online website called Hell Correspondence. If he or she submits a request, Hell Girl (Ai Enma) will provide a doll with a red string. When the client pulls the string, they accept the company's services and the members get rid of the person from whom they seek revenge. Ai Enma and her assistants torment the targeted person and send the victim to Hell. The clients who seek this service have to pay the price of going to Hell as well once they pass away.

10. Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki is a college student who is attacked by his own date Rize Kamishiro. She reveals herself to be a ghoul and nearly kills him, leaving Ken hospitalized in critical condition. When he wakes up he discovers that some of Rize's organs were given to him in order to survive. This leads to a rare situation in which he is now part human and part ghoul. As Ken is brought into a whole new way of life, he has to deal with an internal struggle while interacting with ghoul society.

Honorable Mentions

*High School of the Dead

High School of the dead follows a group of people at a high school (duh) who deal with the zombie apocalypse; also known as the "Outbreak." After someone is bitten at the school gates, panic ensues as students become bitten left and right. A group of survivors find each other and decide to form a team to survive. As they progress through the apocalypse, they must face not only zombies but other survivors as well.


Traditional vampires are known to suck blood from their victims. Karin Maaka is a special case. Rather than being a blood sucker she is a blood maker/giver. She and her family have been living in Japan for the past two centuries. While the rest of her family avoids daylight, she is free to go to school seeing as how she has no normal vampire traits. Her peaceful life is turned upside down when a new student named Kenta Usui transfers to her class.


The story is set in a fictional medieval-like world. Guts becomes adopted by a mercenary group at a young age and eventually encounters Griffith, the leader of Band of the Hawk. Griffith takes a liking to Guts and makes him join his group after defeating him in a duel. With their joined forces they strive to end a long war that was taking place in Midland.

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