Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Young Black Jack. First Impressions

by Gaby

So I had seen a few episodes in the past of Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack, the unlicensed miracle worker doctor who can basically do just about any surgery.  This anime, Young Black Jack, is a prequel to this.

Kuroo Hazama is a young medical student at Tokyo University in the late 1960s, in the first episode
Rushing to get to surgery
we see tragedy starting right away when a train collides with a bus and dozens of people are left injured, including a little boy who has had two limbs severed.
With the doctor saying it was impossible to re-attach his limbs, Hazama steps in and tells the parents of the boy that he promises to be able to re-attach the child's limbs, but he only has four hours to do it before the limbs that have been kept on ice are deemed useless, dun dun dun!

Lots of sexy scars on the doctor.

Anyway this anime really had me at the edge of my seat for this episode, so much that I immediately wanted to watch the second episode which also had a good amount of drama and suspense in it.
I recommend this one to anime who likes medical drama, anything with a little suspense, and if you want to see an anime cutie with a bunch of scars, there's lots of fan service for that in the first two episodes.

Opening Theme:
"I am Just Feeling Alive" by UMI☆KUUN
Ending Theme:
"All Categorize" (オールカテゴライズ) by Takuto

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