Thursday, October 15, 2015

TBT: Lady Georgie

by Gaby

Today's Throwback Thursday, we will take a look at a vintage anime from 1983, this is Lady Georgie, story by Man Izawa and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi, 45 episodes long.
Arthur and Abel

The story of Georgie takes us back to the mid 1800's in both Australia and England, where a farmer and his two sons find a baby wearing a gold bracelet. She is taken in to live with them as a daughter and sister.  The dad and brothers love her very much but the mom has a bit of a hard time accepting her. Especially after the dad dies while trying to rescue Georgie in a runaway boat in a river.

As Georgie grows older, she gets very pretty and the brothers, Abel and Arthur, start to see her in a different light, as a lady not a sister. So they begin to have feelings towards her, but Georgie does not, afterall she sees them as brothers, and she develops feelings for the governor's grandson Lowell Gray, who is actually betrothed by his family to someone else.

Lowell Gray and Georgie
This story is beautiful with romance and drama, a young innocent girl becomes an independent woman in this coming of age story.  She goes through many hard times and always tries to find the positives.

The first 10 or so episodes are mostly about her childhood in Australia, the most tragic thing that happens is her adoptive father dies after rescuing her.  After about episode 10 or so, Georgie and the boys start to grow up, the mother forces Georgie to move out of the kids room and have her own room because the mother does not like that her sons have taken a fancy to Georgie.

The oldest son Abel confesses to his mother that he wants to marry Georgie and it makes the mother so upset that she reveals to Georgie that she is adopted and that her real father is an exile. This leads Georgie to run away from Australia and head to London to find her real parents, and all that she has is the gold bracelet that she was found wearing as her only clue. 

There are few anime that have me in a rollercoaster of emotions and this is certainly one of them, one moment you are happy that she is finally seeking the truth, the next you are at the edge of her seat because Georgie was framed for someone's death, then again you are excited because she gets reunited with the boy she fell in love with, but are saddened again because it seems like they keep getting torn apart.

This anime may be a bit hard to find today, it was originally released in several other languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and a few others.  I have not seen this in English sadly, I ended up watching it in Spanish and French.  The Manga under the name Georgie! May be more easily available to find translated into English.   That's the problem with vintage anime is that the older it is or less popular that it was, the harder it is to find today.

Do make an effort to find if you are interested in a romantic, drama anime, set in the 1800s.

Opening Theme:
"Wasurerareta Message" (忘れられたメッセージ) by Yuriko Yamamoto
Ending Theme:
"Yasashisa o Arigatō" (やさしさをありがとう) by Yuriko Yamamoto

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